Committee Work


British Medical Association

Medical Ethics Committee

Medical Ethics Today. 2nd Edition. Editorial Committee

1.9.98- 1.8.04

British Medical Association

1.     Committee on Community Care



*       Report on Mental Health Registers

*       A Report by Lord  Laming -The Victoria Climbie Inquiry

*       Proposal for the new Mental Health Act Guidance for expert witnesses

*       Report on Sc12 Mental Health Act 1983 training



2.  Medico-legal Committee

*       Making amends: Reforming the approach to clinical negligence in the NHS.

*       Gender recognition Bill 2003

*       Mental Incapacity Bill 2003

*       Scotland Adult (Incapacity) Act 2000

*       Lord Chancellor's Department consultation paper - Damages for future loss: Giving the courts the power to order periodical payments for future loss and care costs in personal injury cases.

*       Reviewer of Assessment of Mental Capacity- guidance for doctors and lawyers. 2nd Edition BMA Publishing


3.   Psychiatric Sub-Committee


*       Reports on covert medication & capacity

*       Mental Health Legislation

*       Liaison with the Department of Constitutional affairs on the Gender Recognition Bill (2003), and the Mental Incapacity Bill (2003)

1.9.00- 31.8.03

BMA & Department of Health


New Roles for Psychiatrists. A National Conference


1.8.02- 1.10.04

Development of peri-natal guidelines to meet requirements of the NHS Litigation Authority


9.7.02- 31.3.04


NICE Guideline Development Group Anxiety: Management of Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Panic Disorder in Adults