Physical Therapies

  1. Light Therapy; Recent advances in light box design have made light therapy a realistic option for winter blues, and other seasonal disorders related to Englandís short winter days.

  2. Herbal Treatment: Several specialist preparations are well suited to the treatment of nervous or physical complaints such as insomnia, depression or menstrual symptoms.

  3. Magnetic Treatments; whilst still a developing area major depression can respond to magnetic fields (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). In TMS no anaesthetic is required. This treatment is not provided by Wiser Minds but referral to providers can be coordinated.

  4. Pharmacological Therapy: Whether alone or in conjunction with your general practitioner Wiser Minds can arrange for any medication available in the UK to treat your condition. This can be in conjunction with psychotherapy, physical therapies or alternative therapies. For Major Depression, severe anxiety states and some sexual problems this may be the best approach.