Psychological Treatments:

  1. Behavioural Therapy; a programme involving a series of exercises that can help a range of problems from anxiety states or phobias, to sexual problem.

  2. Cognitive Therapy; this form of treatment examines certain thoughts that prolong the illness and are proving unhelpful in trying to resolve issues. Particularly helpful in depression and obsessional states.

  3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; this from of treatment is a mixture of behavioural techniques and challenging automatic thoughts which can occur in anxiety states and depression.

  4. Cognitive Analytic Therapy; this form of treatment is challenging for patients but involves substantial improvement in a short time frame. It involves analysis of repetitive patterns of conduct and determining why they occur. This treatment is particularly suited to conditions where your normal approach to events is not producing the desired outcome.

  5. Supportive Psychotherapy; the shortest of the psychotherapies it is particularly suited to bereavement, loss and relationship issues.

  6. Debriefing; following a critical incident vulnerabilities are heightened and normal function deteriorates. There are a range of techniques which can speed recovery and help make sense of events.

  7. Eye-Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR); a revolutionary treatment for the aftermath of trauma of all types.

  8. Relationship Therapy: an eclectic approach which reduces conflict and improve communication in a relationship. This can be helpful for people experiencing recurring issues with relationships, couples or families where there are problems.